About Us

Yoga Zen Shop

Yoga Zen Shop works with small companies and artisans to help bring their products and art to the world. We are passionate about community and connection. Join our team by emailing us at contactus@yogazenshop.com.

One of our jewelry partners gives back to communities by practicing Fair Trade principles to produce their unique products, working directly with all of their manufacturers to ensure that workers are treated fairly and to ensure top quality of products. A portion of their profits is donated to the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation (TCEF), an organization dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture in exile. One of our yoga bag partners donates to Little Hippes YYC. This amazing organization aims to provide free yoga classes to children in Calgary who are ill, mentally or physically challenged, who are low income, or just need a little bit of light in their lives!

We are making a call to action to all those that enter Yoga Zen Shop to step outside of your comfort zone, live on the edge and achieve greatness in whatever manner speaks to you. Take our challenge that is listed on our welcome page to try something new and let us tell your story or show the world your asana (pose). Take action now! Do yoga, chant, meditate! We do not care what it is but care that you find inspiration.

Lucky for you we offer a variety of products to help get you going or re-invigorate your current practice. We each need something to complete our practice or give us a sense of comfort...may you find it here at Yoga Zen Shop.

Bamboo and Organic Cotton options for many yoga and meditation clothes, towels, bags and accessories.